Jimmy Radio website lives online!

Finally, I live up my personal website online from now on. I will post my latest updates from time to time on this design-work-based website. Please save it, www.jimmy-radio.com

ACADIA 2017 workshop in Boston

During 11.1-11.3, I got the chance to attend ACADIA 2017 workshop in Boston. It was really exciting as it's my first time in Boston. Visiting Autodesk BUILD Space in Boston is part of this workshop. Team meeting held in Media Lab lobby on MIT campus, can you believe it! This is a shot on Media-Lab Urban Lab. Not a perfect shot, but this is the fabrication shop inside Media-Lab. This workshop is about how to use Python to develop your own fabrication system, to realize almost everything physically. I did learn a lot and had a wonderful time with so many genius guys. Back to the workshop itself. Basically, you control things via Python code. Making up components on the ground of the self-made

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