Please check the branding new Jimmy Radio logo, Go 2020 ! 

The logo is composed by mirrored capital Rs in pair, inspired by Oriental-character style.


Just to keep the creativity active, it never hurts to redevelop this design idea, which initially hit me 7 years ago, when I was still undergraduate.


With new partnership with China Greatwall Technology Group Co., Ltd., Jimmy Radio is executing proposal for “China Greatwall Technology Group, production main factory planning, Province Heilongjiang" (黑龙江长城基地总体建设方案规划), which is supposed to support 2 branding new  produ...


The concept sketch of next project, stay toned and let's see how it's going in the new year...


Great news!  Jimmy Radio involved proposal won the Honorable Mention as Finalist in Notre Dame spiral rebuild Competition. Thanks everyone voting for us.  

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The Interview 

"Can you tell us a little about yourself?"