Pomona Farmers Market proposal rises up

I just wrapped up the proposal for this renovation project, next step would be a long time of waiting for Pomona City to approve it, crossing the finger.

Some Interior renderings are posted here. No extra people hanging around, but single ones for sense of scale. Just trying make it like a pre-open but well- prepared place.

The site locates in Pomona of California, right between two freeways, which are 60 and 71. Previously, it was a toy store. Now we're going to turn it to a farmers market, or food court.

I cannot say this is the most wonderful facade, but at least it looks not irritating. Hope it could come to real one day.

Plus, there are totally 20 food stops and several public leisure sections planned inside the space.

Put another picture of the very center part of this design, both in terms of import and concept. For now, let's just stay tuned and see what's happening next.

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