Jimmy Radio x "China Greatwall Technology Group"

With new partnership with China Greatwall Technology Group Co., Ltd., Jimmy Radio is executing proposal for “China Greatwall Technology Group, production main factory planning, Province Heilongjiang" (黑龙江长城基地总体建设方案规划), which is supposed to support 2 branding new production lines for desktops.

The site, "Lianqiang Campus"(联强国际), lies by Zhigu 2nd Street and Jiuzhou Road, Songbei New District, Harbin. The campus covers 30 acres, with construction area of 16,000 sqm.

The actual project scope includes a 3-story factory re-development (9,840 sqm, 14m height) and a 5-story office building re-development (5,750 sqm, 21m height). The proposal includes program planning and re-development planning for the two blocks.

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